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WOW! Do you want to be WoW!?

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What is Wow! (Western Cape on Wellness)!? WoW! is a Healthy Lifestyles partnership initiative of the Western Cape Government and its valued partners. WoW! aims to enable people to make Healthy Lifestyle choices throughout their lives.

It also helps families to change their lifestyles, for example a family can reduce time of watching television with children by putting time aside for fun walk for 30 – 45 minutes a day, choosing the type of food we eat and to live a healthy lifestyle.

Provincial Treasury is one of the departments participating in this initiative. We launched our PT club in 2015. We have staff members joined as PT WOW Club members.

If you want to join and participate in WOW! Activities, kindly send your name to or We will use this blog to share our activities.

If you have any ideas / inputs as to how to improve our Wow club, you are welcome to share with us on this blog. Better Together!

Author: nonzwakazig

My name is Nonzwakazi George also known as (Nona. I am a Senior Language Practitioner also managing departmental events and a WOW champion. I like interacting with people. In this blog i will be interacting with everyone, motivating my colleagues to join and participate in WoW activities. I will post all the pictures relevant to WoW and healthy life styles.

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