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Celebrating Exceptional Women

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We asked YOU to nominate women within Treasury that inspired and motivate those around them through their selfless acts and we received well motivated nominations of deserving candidates.

The following colleagues received and recognition awards:

IMG_4612Alycia Hartel

Alycia is always willing to assist when there are projects for community such as HIV awareness days and even departmental projects such as this Women’s Breakfast. She took it upon herself to source sponsors for many of the gifts and prizes that will be given away today.

Being the caring person that she is, she always assists when the need arises, cares about the community, especially women and children. She is also involved in a project at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital for children diagnosed with cancer. With the Septicemia awareness campaign last year, she did research to identify the symptoms in order to alert others about the dangers.

She takes the lead in her directorate when there is sickness, death and personal needs in the directorate by collecting money to buy flowers, creating her own personal cards, compile funeral pamphlets and in general supporting her co-workers. She is one of a kind!

IMG_4617Athalia October

With a great attitude towards personal challenges, Athalia portrays the strength of a lion and the ability to conquer adversity. Her courage as a young woman is contagious and she shares her strength with others who need to draw strength from her.

To be branded a woman of a substance is one of the greatest compliments and achievement one can give to a woman and Athalia signifies the beauty and zest for life. Being a woman of substance who is caring and courageous, she has a positive influence and even in her everyday dealing with colleagues she inspires and share her strength freely.

She doesn’t let the high demands and expectations get her down especially with the pressures and expectations placed on women daily whether it be at work or at home.  As a strong-willed woman, she isn’t afraid to meet challenges head-on. She’s undeterred by those who say something can’t be done.  Her God-given passion produces purpose, deep compassion and a bold spirit that has the power to change the world. Determination, strong-will and strength to conquer is what inspire her peers.

IMG_4621Cheryl Downing

It is inspirational to see how much Cheryl has managed to deal with over the years, always putting on a brave face while smiling and continuing to provide support at her very best. She has very strong views and even though, like most of us, she does not like change, she does not run away from it but rather tackle it head-on. She is a star performer.

Cheryl is fiercely intelligent, always graceful, passionate, she knows who she is, she likes a challenge, she knows how to be happy, confident, responsible and stand up for what she believes in. She is a master of juggling the roles of women at work and at home and still have time to serve her community. She has an amazing relationship with God, which is always inspiring and has been involved in knitting blankets, scarfs and goodies for the elderly with the 67 blankets organization.

Cheryl is a role-model for the younger generation – she shares her experience, transfer her knowledge and give the support that is needed. And although she will be retiring soon, she leaves behind a legacy! What a legend.

Ella Smit

With a career spanning 46 years in the public service, Ella is always going the extra mile and will do whatever it takes to advance her staff, colleagues, clients and her department, often placing her own needs behind that of her department.

Besides her self-sacrifice, she displays unequalled expertise in her workplace and her sense of loyalty, commitment, and sense of responsibility goes unquestioned. As head of the publications unit of the Provincial Treasury, she literally manages the details, and does not let the details manage her. She is the proverbial go-to person when clients need help in a hurry.

Ella has set the standard for efficiency and effectiveness and that is what is truly inspirational for those around her. She is goal focusses and driven and continuously finds the most effective ways to get the job done. The trust and high levels of respect that she has built through her relationship with others is probably the reason her exemplifies the essence of teamwork.

IMG_4628Gillian Adams

In 2016 Gillian lost her daughter to Sepsis. That is when Gillian and her husband decided to start educating and warning others about the danger of Sepsis, a very common illness that is often only noticed when it is too late. She wanted to create awareness so that her daughter’s life was not lost in vain and for other parents not to go through the same grief that she and her family had to deal with.

Gillian, with the help of some of her colleagues arranged an awareness day on worldwide Sepsis Day in 2016. They requested sponsorships of hand sanitizer, cupcakes and soaps, many items they funded themselves.

This year Gillian is planning another session also in light of the death of one of our colleagues, Asanda Soyiyo, due to Sepsis.

Gillian cares about her colleagues and therefore want to educate them about a preventable disease. Besides the awareness day aimed at colleagues at Treasury, Gillian also assisted her husband with a similar awareness day at the City of Cape Town and a local clinic.

Using her own grief and drawing strength from her religion and people supporting her, she aims to help others grieving by sharing her personal experience.

IMG_4632Lesley-Anne Smith

Funny, always cheerful and friendly is what Lesley-Anne is. With her welcoming personality she puts people at ease and that is probably why she has so many people who come to her for advice and guidance.

She is a very caring person, shows empathy and even when she is sick or have a challenging day, she always remains friendly and cheerful, even when there is no one around. Her professionalism cannot be questioned and her relationships with co-workers is strong and show mutual respect. She has the ability to make one feel more together, focussed and in control of your own destiny. Lesley-Anne always go the extra mile when there is someone in need, be it a shoulder to cry on or just to listen and give support – she is always there and she is always available.

The impact that she has had on people reach far beyond that which the eye can see and the mouth can tell.

IMG_4636Tania Bosser

Last year Tania participated in the National cupcake day to raise awareness about childhood cancer and assisted to raise fund which in the end netted R1.76 million rand nationally. Cancer has directly or indirect affected every one of us. Either you have experienced this traumatic illness yourself or you know someone who is a cancer survivor, is still battling the illness or lost their life fighting the illness. Knowing that there are people like Tania, that cares and provide, support means a lot.

Besides her fundraising work, she is also an active citizen by playing a leading role as an executive of the Ratepayers Association within the area she resides. She speaks on behalf of the neighbourhood to raise their concerns with the City of Cape Town.

Tania decided to raise awareness regarding cancer, specifically cancer affecting children. The funds raised through a cupcake sale and raffle has benefited over 400 children and 16 other charities. Funds was used to pay medical bills, transport money to hospital, food hampers, school fees, clothing, birthday parties, Christmas gifts and other day-to-day expenses.

Congratulations to all the ladies who received a recognition award.

Author: eansteenkamp

I'm the head of communication at Treasury and enjoy working with a group of colleagues who is passionate about their work. I'm an animal lover, love nature and taking short hikes in and around Cape Town

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners…


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