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Highlights of the 2017 MTBPS

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Today, Minister Meyer tabled the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement and Adjusted Estimates. You can follow the communication on twitter #WC2017MTBPS.

Here are a few of the important parts of the speech:

  • Key risks in the Western Cape include the growing demand for public services as the population and poverty grows, water security, the drought, the medium and long term impact of the Avian Influenza outbreak, the expected increase in the occurrence of fires in the Western Cape during the upcoming fire season, crime, ageing infrastructure and infrastructure backlogs
  • The Avian Influenza outbreak has further exacerbated the already difficult conditions in the agriculture industry
  • High crime rates have also been highlighted as a key risk given the impact it will have on the Province as a safe environment wherein citizens flourish, business can invest and tourists can visit
  • Against the context of the 2017 National MTBPS, the 2017 Western Cape MTBPS outlines its commitment to fiscal consolidation, collective delivery towards the Provincial Strategic Goals while taking into account and responding to key risks facing the Province
  • The Western Cape Government will continue to implement its Fiscal Strategy to ensure fiscal consolidation, fiscal discipline and the fiscal sustainability of the Province, while maintaining the stability of the provincial budget process
  • The economic and fiscal context emphasises the need for budget policy to be responsive to the socio-economic environment and geared towards creating public value
  • Budget policy priorities focuses on stimulating economic growth and providing opportunities for job creation, improving education outcomes, increasing wellness and safety, providing an inclusive and sustainable living environment and embedding the practice of good governance
  • The Western Cape Government intends to manage its expenditure while responding to the current fiscal context
  • The key objective is to ensure that expenditure promotes fiscal stability and efficiency in spending which can be realised while supporting service delivery and the Provincial Strategic Goals
  • The weak economic growth prospects necessitates a budget strongly geared towards making an impact while simultaneously promoting and enabling sustainable, smart and inclusive growth
  • The identified budget priorities are guided by the 2014 – 2019 Provincial Strategic Plan, to ensure public value, responsive to socio-economic needs is achieved
  • Project Khulisa identified agri-processing, tourism and the oil and gas services sectors as the greatest potential for accelerated and sustained job creation
  • The Air Access project has made a significant impact in boosting arrivals in the Province, with ten new direct flights into Cape Town International Airport thus far
  • Support to the green economy include labour intensive projects such as alien vegetation clearing, fencing and river erosion protection projects, and providing green advice to agricultural stakeholders
  • Skills development is critical in addressing persistently high unemployment in the Province
  • The Apprenticeship Game Changer focuses on work placements of semi‑skilled and artisanal candidates by providing them with access to work experience and training opportunities
  • The main aim of the 2017 Adjusted Estimates is to achieve the objectives of the Western Cape fiscal strategy and to deal with some of the key risks threatening the Province such as drought, water risks and crime.

To read the full speech and accompanying documents – click here.

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I'm the head of communication at Treasury and enjoy working with a group of colleagues who is passionate about their work. I'm an animal lover, love nature and taking short hikes in and around Cape Town

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