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Celebrating International Nurses day 2018

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Minister Meyer attended an International Nurse’s day at Gugulethu CHC to honour public servants who practice this noble profession. This year’s theme was “Nurses a voice to lead: Health is a human right”.

A local band was playing soft music while nurses, motivational speakers as well as Minister Meyer made their way to the tables decorated with white cloths. Ms Hlwaya, Matron at CHC, opened the event with a prayer and introduction and welcomed guests. Ms Tiki, also a Matron, read the nursing pledge for the audience. There was music items in between with different clinic and hospital units participating before the speakers addressed the group.

Minister Meyer congratulated all nurses for their hard work and mentioned that they go the extra mile to ensure that their patients comesfirst and are taken care off. The nursing profession is close to Minister Meyer’s heart as his brother is practicing nursing in Australia. He said: “When you are a nurse you know every day you touch a life or life touches yours.”

He said nurses have an opportunity to heal the hearts, the mind and the soul of patients. They may not remember your name but they will never forget your work.  Minister Meyer thanked the nurses on behalf of Premier Zille and Health Minister, Dr Nomafrench Mbobo for their service to our communities.





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My name is Nonzwakazi George also known as (Nona. I am a Senior Language Practitioner also managing departmental events and a WOW champion. I like interacting with people. In this blog i will be interacting with everyone, motivating my colleagues to join and participate in WoW activities. I will post all the pictures relevant to WoW and healthy life styles.

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