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Mr Daba calls it a day

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If you have never met Mr Daba, chances are that you have not worked for the Provincial Treasury for very long. Mr Daba joined Treasury in September 2004 as Chief Administration Clerk (Auxiliary Services-GG Transport).

As the Control Officer for the department, he was responsible for the administration and supervision of government-owned vehicles, key control, reporting of telecommunication faults as well as the supervision and reporting of maintenance problems.

As a disciplined and honest man, he always insisted on following processes and procedures to a tee. In Mr Daba’s mind there was no other way around the rules or using “grey areas” to get things done. He always expected the highest standards and would not accept any inferior administration – you WILL fix it and follow procedures. These attributes are what made him perfect for the job – managing valuable resources for the department requires a strong will and unwavering standards. He was always willing to give guidance to ensure that policies were complied with.

In his own words at his farewell party: “I am a difficult man and I say what I must, but I never keep a grudge against anyone”.

Mr Daba, although you were sometimes very stern with us, we will miss you! Enjoy your retirement. You will always be our colleague, as well as ubhuti wethu (our brother). Your “stubbornness” and stern voice will be missed. Your retirement is YOUR time, enjoy it!




Author: eansteenkamp

I'm the head of communication at Treasury and enjoy working with a group of colleagues who is passionate about their work. I'm an animal lover, love nature and taking short hikes in and around Cape Town

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