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STOP ! Sexual harassment in its tracks

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Sexual harassment is unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that violates the rights of a person. Such conduct may interfere with an employee’s work performance and may create a hostile, offensive, and intimidating environment.

PT is legally obliged and committed to provide a safe working environment for its employees. Thus, it does not condone sexual harassment. Everyone has a right to have their dignity protected and respected.  

PT appointed two sexual harassment officers (SHO), Sweetness Sixubane and Varina Coetzee, to deal with allegations or complaints related to sexual harassment. The officers were trained in order to deal with cases in a fair and sensitive manner.

The SHO ensures that any reported incidents of sexual harassment are investigated thoroughly and actions are taken in accordance to the disciplinary code and procedures. Depending on the seriousness of the misconduct, the case may be dealt with formally or informal.  When   justifiable reasons have been established to believe employees involvement in the alleged serious misconduct, the employer institute an investigation.   The employer may also refuse the accused employee access to the workplace if there is an objective justifiable reason, for instance, where employees presence may jeopardise the investigation process or for safety of the appellant.

Officials are also encouraged to use the Independent Counselling and Advisory Service (ICAS), the Employee Health & Wellness service provider. The service is completely confidential. It provides professionally managed psychological, social and health advice and counselling services.

PT strives to provide a safe working environment for its employees.To Read more about the sexual harassment policy click here

Contact your Sexual Harassment officers:

Ms Varina Coetzee

Tel: 021 483 5715

E-mail: or

Ms Sweetness Sixubane

Tel: 021 483 3586


ICAS Toll Free number: 0800 611155 or   dial *134*905# to request a call emergency

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