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BETTER WORLD: Let’s participate in local and global networks that contribute to our expert knowledge and skills development

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As part of the Provincial Innovation Management Forum, I joined Apolitical which I saw as an opportunity not only to draw from world-wide experiences but to share my own workplace experience and expertise.

On 25 April, after I joined the global network, I was invited to participate in a global discussion on Performance-Based Budgeting (PBB) with leading experts and policymakers from around the world which was hosted in London. This topic was of interest to me mainly because of the kind of work I do within WC Provincial Treasury, specifically in the Local Government environment.

Two things I want to share on this post, firstly is to provide brief explanation of what is PBB for non-policymakers and to those who do not understand the term in order to contribute to what I perceive as a BETTER WORLD and secondly to demonstrate the power of technology in shaping a BETTER WORLD.

  • According to the International Monetary Fund, Performance-Based Budgeting aims to ensure that, when formulating the government budget, key decision-makers systematically take into account the results to be achieved by expenditure. What became clear from the Apolitical discussion, and enhanced my understanding and knowledge, was the fact that our challenges are similar to global challenges and they need smart solutions. It needs dedication to solve them and I believe we have the basics, especially on how we formulate our indicators, however it became very clear that without credible information such indicators are as good as non-existent. Exactly what GIGO means and we are still amazed by service delivery protests, a discussion for another day.
  • Technology, whether we like it or not, is a game changer and what we only need to do is to take advantage of the opportunities that it presents specifically in the space of Fourth Industrial Revolution. Some might have thought I was in London on 25 April, negative. With technology, I was able to connect with the hosts in London as well as with other policymakers at the comfort of my lounge. We have tools at our disposal and fingertips, let’s use them for our professional benefit and contribution to a BETTER WORLD.

Join me in the global network of Apolitical, learn and share your experiences in shaping a BETTER WORLD. Get all the recordings for Apolitical networking sessions via, including the one on PBB via Sadly, both these links are inaccessible via the PGWC network but are valuable in the daily jobs that we perform.

In the meantime, join me and many other experts and policymakers via to access other material, you too can contribute to the BETTER WORLD!

Author: zolaniss.zonyane

Public Finance Practitioner @ WC Provincial Treasury | Believer in Good Governance, equal rights and equal opportunities | Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration graduate @StellenboschUSB | INTJ | Liberal

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