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SEPSIS: Its About Time

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Sepsis is a life threatening illness that causes a widespread of inflammation which can slow blood flow and damage your organs. This illness is commonly found in elderly people who are suffering from a long-term disease and also young children.

This illness is not contagious as it only develops from within the body and works its way out on to the skin. This illness can only develop when you are suffering from a long-term illness or your body is fighting off an infection and your immune system is not strong enough to fight it.

Even though it’s rare, this illness may also occur during pregnancy or shortly after birth. This happens because of bacteria that grows in the birth canal or during natural birth, C-sections and abortions.

The symptoms of this disease Include fever, feeling unwell, fainting, feeling weak and/or confused, heart rate and breathing faster than usual and also a weakened immune system. Once it appears that you are suffering from these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. By doing this and through early treatment, you can save your life. Before a doctor can give a diagnosis, you will be asked a number of questions relating to your overall well-being and through a thorough examination. Blood tests, urine tests, chest x-rays and also a CT scan will be required to confirm the diagnosis.

The treatment of Sepsis include being admitted to hospital to ensure start antibiotics, IV fluids and provide oxygen when needed – during this time, the medical staff will closely monitor the patient.
The Sepsis awareness campaign was started by Gillian Adams after she lost her daughter to Sepsis in 2015. Since then, two PT staff members also passed away due to Sepsis – Asanda Soyiyo in 2016 and Sidney Tucker earlier this year.

To honour Anthea Adams, Asanda and Sidney, keep a look out for the early signs of Sepsis and save a life:





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