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Unleash your inner superhero

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Growing up we all had a favourite superhero, whether it be Batman or Superman and this year we were able to embrace our inner child for Casual Friday. Not only could we dress up as our most favourite childhood hero, but it was all in the name of charity.

Units within PT went above and beyond to dress up as their version of a superhero and the end result was impressive – one unit even went as far as to decorate their office space as the lair/den of each superhero.

Casual Day was created in 1995 and is celebrated on the first Friday of September. This is celebrated to show support to all disabled people across South Africa. This day encourages all companies and their employees to dress either up or down and then wear the casual day sticker. This stickers cost R10.00 and all monies are distributed among the projects national beneficiaries.

Since it was launched 20 years ago the project has raised an excess of R200 million and year after year it increases thanks to all the employees who are never shy to embrace their inner child and in this case their inner superhero.


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