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Western Cape Government deliver impressive audit results

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The Western Cape Government has once again delivered an impressive set of Audit results.
An analysis of the audit outcomes for 2017/18 indicates that a total of 24 out of 25 auditees – 96% – received clean audits on their financial statements.This includes all Western Cape Government departments and entities, with the exception of one.
Only the Department of Agriculture received a qualified audit on its financial statements. The Western Cape Government intends challenging this finding, as we believe it is incorrect and that 100% clean audits on financial statements should have been awarded by the Auditor General.
The Department of Health received a clean audit outcome on their financial statements. However, the department’s overall audit is “unqualified” due to minor technical matters raised in respect of recording and reporting on certain predetermined objectives.
The matters relating to these 2 departments mean that 11 out of 13 provincial departments received clean audits overall, and 12 out of 13 had clean financial statements.
Western Cape Premier Helen Zille said: “At the core of this government’s brand lies good financial governance. The quality of our audits confirms the high standard of financial management within the Western Cape public sector. We thank our officials at every level for their outstanding commitment to integrity and service delivery.”
Western Cape Minister of Finance, Dr Ivan Meyer said: “Robust engagements between the Provincial Treasury and departments have laid the basis for embedding good financial governance. The various levels of assurance bodies – including the audit committees, internal audit, the auditor general and the oversight committees of parliament – have all played a vital role in ensuring public funds are accounted for.”
“We remain committed to a clean administration and the audit results bears not only testimony to this but also justifies the confidence the people of the Western Cape have in this government,” said Meyer.



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