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Support Interlinked Financial Systems for the WIN

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Francious Fillis is a hard-working and dedicated employee to the Directorate: SIFS. He has served under this directorate for the past three years as a System Controller and has added lots of value to the team. He now holds the title as the new Systems Manager: LOGIS

Francious holds a National Diploma in Public Management and has a total of 15 years’ experience in the Supply Chain Arena. Prior to his appointment at Provincial Treasury, he has worked in this field for the WCG Health Department and also a few other private companies.

“In the past fifteen years, the most difficult situation I had to face was to find a way to improve the performance of a District in terms of compliance from being labelled as one of the poorest performing districts.” He realised that the approach was simple as he knew he needed a team to be part of the process. He ensured that each member felt that they brought value to the organisation and a clear plan with goals and objectives was clearly understood by all officials.

“The thing I enjoy most about supply chain is the fact that it is one of the driving forces that contribute to an organisation’s success. It impacts the business performance, economy and assist with organisational growth.” He feels that supply chain is the engine of a vehicle, without it the vehicle cannot move forward.

We would like to wish Francious all the best of luck with his new appointment.

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