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Doc2 (002)Ruzelle Julie started working for government in 1996 and worked through the ranks before joining the Provincial Treasury in October 2008. 

She began her journey with PT as the Head of Office in the Office of the HOD where she led, guided and coached a team of passionate and capable public servants to provide services with regards to communication, executive meeting support, secretariat support, language services, parliamentary liaison, executive briefings, monitoring and reporting, administration, oversight, meeting preparatory management as well as electronic and print correspondence.

With a thirst to develop herself, Ruzelle later transferred to the SMSS component where she managed non-performance reporting which include Quarterly Progress Reports, Annual Performance Plan, Strategic Plan, Annual Report, AGSA queries, Policy alignment and circular administration, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development, PSG5 BizProjects, MPAT, Batho Pele Service Delivery initiatives, SDIPS, Operational Plans, client interface management, coaching, training, guiding and monitoring of internal clients and Outcomes Based Evaluations and evaluation policy development and alignment.

In 2018/19, Ruzelle was asked to Act as the Director for Strategic Operational and Management Support. During this ten-month period, she managed the Strategic Management Support Services, CRU (Human Resources and Development), Communications and Office of the HoD components. The opportunity also broadened her experience through chairing a number of committees such as the Audit Operational Risk Management Committee, executive meetings and managed the PG MTEC process. During her last few months at Treasury, Ruzelle initiated the executive end of political term handover report in order to brief the new political head.

The opportunities Ruzelle had at Provincial Treasury eventually gave her the confidence to pursue her dream and entrepreneurial spirit.

“I have never been just ordinary, I am a game changer, and when an opportunity arises, I extend myself beyond all limitations. I have broken out of the box. Newness, beauty and serenity abounds as I will be growing my company and explore my entrepreneurial aptitude. My inner nature-bug will soon find itself planting roots in Europe, where I will be with my loves: nature, peace and tranquillity” said Ruzelle.

When we asked her about her immediate plans after leaving Treasury, Ruzelle responded that she will be taking a well-deserved break. “In May and June I will be hiking the Machu Picchu Mountain in Peru and thereafter travel in Chile, Uruguay, Argentina as well as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. In July I will visit Venice, Milan, Naples, Rome, Florence in Italy, Amsterdam and Slovenia. Between July and April 2020, I will settle in Slovenia where I plan to begin my new life”.


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My name is Nonzwakazi George also known as (Nona. I am a Senior Language Practitioner also managing departmental events and a WOW champion. I like interacting with people. In this blog i will be interacting with everyone, motivating my colleagues to join and participate in WoW activities. I will post all the pictures relevant to WoW and healthy life styles.

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