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We Kuier with Theolla

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Theolla picIt is not every day that you read a column and recognise the name of the writer. That is exactly what happened a few weeks ago when we paged through Kuier Magazine. Kuier is a bi-weekly magazine aimed at Afrikaans-speaking women and strives to give them practical, realistic advice about everyday things such as finance, careers, relationships, parenting and health. The items on our fashion, beauty, decor and food pages are affordable and relevant to our audience.

With the magazine focusing on realistic and practical advice, it makes sense that they give readers the opportunity to write about their experiences. Theolla Langenhoven started writing columns a few years ago and submitted a few to the magazine. Her latest column dealt with embracing your natural hair.

More about the column: Theolla covered her journey to discover how she can have beautiful hairstyles without damaging her hair with harsh chemicals. “I use to burn my hair, scalp and even my hands on a weekly basis” said Theolla. Then she realised that she need to accept and embrace her natural hair.

And she has never looked back. “I am now comfortable and confident about myself and my style” said Theolla. She mentioned that it took courage to start the transition to a natural and beautiful healthy hair. “The amount of products available can be overwhelming and confusing and I had to do a lot of research to find the right products for my hair type and to identify what hairstyles was most suitable for me” said Theolla. By testing and trying new products, carefully reading the instructions on how to use the products, she started to notice a difference. Her hair was healthy, strong and manageable.

“Nowadays, I am more relaxed about my hair and when strangers compliment me on something that was an embarrassment before, I know that I made the best decision ever, embracing my looks and accepting ‘me’ is key to a healthier me” she concluded.


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My name is Nonzwakazi George also known as (Nona. I am a Senior Language Practitioner also managing departmental events and a WOW champion. I like interacting with people. In this blog i will be interacting with everyone, motivating my colleagues to join and participate in WoW activities. I will post all the pictures relevant to WoW and healthy life styles.

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