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The Local Government Accounting unit of Provincial Treasury knows the importance of education.  They noted with great concern that schoolchildren are not attending school regularly due to ridicule for not having the basics such as school shoes, stationery, etc.

The unit decided that instead of exchanging gifts and having a year-end party they would prefer to use the money to do something to keep some children in school.

In 2017, they have made the lives of some schoolchildren and parents of Vukani Primary School, in Philippi a little easier, by giving them school shoes, school socks, stationery and some sweets.

They then decided that their next project would be to assist children in an orphanage.

On Valentine’s Day 14 February 2019, Local Government Accounting unit took the initiative to distribute items of clothing, toys, toiletries and stationery to Leliebloem House for Abandoned and Orphaned Children. Leliebloem House is 150 years old and they care for 60 children aged from 4 to 16.

Their donation was valued at R6000.00.

It was a very blessed and heart-warming experience for all.

Leliebloem House handed over a Certificate of Appreciation to Provincial Treasury.

They took no photographs of the children, for security purposes.



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