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Honoring long service recipients

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Loyalty and commitment was celebrated at the PT Connect and Long Service Awards by giving recognition to staff who reached the 10, 20 and 30 years’ service milestone during 2019.

Employee years of service awards are about so much more than just tenure. It is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate talent, accomplishments, successes over the course of a career and sacrifices made by the employees during their career. It is an opportunity to say: “Thank you for your service!”.






Christa Paulse

Christa Paulse started here in 2009 from Absa.  This was a very crucial time in provincial government and particularly in Provincial Treasury. The Cash Management component was at the time not fully capacitated and intervention in this regard was important to address the challenges both on provincial and local government level and Christa was one of the people recruited to ensure that PT move in the right direction to achieve the strategic objectives.

Christa’s performance over the 10-year period was exemplary and she always endeavoured to improve the overall performance of the Cash Management sub-directorate. She is very popular amongst her peers and loves to eat as much as she can to have the energy for the day. She is dedicated, honest and very talented in many aspects and a good advisor to many colleagues who share the same interest. Personally, I think Christa will stay and retire in Provincial Government, hopefully in PT.

IMG_5299Deidre Manuel

Deidre provides significant input in the technical accounting arena, which is the core of the LG Accounting unit. She is detailed in her approach to accounting topics and is always a willing contributor. She has a creative side which is not often experienced in the accounting environment and I am sure we can all attest to her creativity, along with her kindness and generosity.


Donna Lukas

Donna started her career at the Department of the Premier in the SCM Directorate.  On 1 March 2019 she was appointed as the ASD: Acquisitions and Logistics Management at Provincial Treasury.

In the last 10 years Donna has gained a lot of experience within SCM and this is evident in the way she managed acquisitions and logistics within the Provincial Treasury for the last 8 months.

Donna is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the job get done and gets done well. Thank you for bringing your best to work every single day.


Franklin Links

Franklin was appointed on contract in the Provincial Government Accounting Directorate on the 2nd June 2008. He was later appointed as an Intern in the same unit with effect from 1 September 2008. Franklin thereafter applied for a permanent position in the Directorate Norms and Standards and was successful with his application and was subsequently appointed as a Financial Analyst with effect from 15 January 2009.

Over the last ten years Franklin has grown in his post as a Financial Analyst and became proficient in the Governance and Internal control environment to such extent that he was the successful candidate when contending for the Deputy Director post in Internal Control. He assumed his responsibility as Deputy Director in the Financial Compliance unit on 1 September 2019. Because of his personality and commitment, he fostered not only good relations with his colleagues but more importantly with his clients in the respective departments. Franklin’s laugh is contagious and can be heard from a distance. This is the first thing his colleagues miss when he is not in office. He well-loved amongst his peers and respected by management.


Ismail Callaghan

Ismail started on 15 September 2009 in government, as a Finance Clerk at South African Police Services, where he assisted with the clerical, administrative and financial operations of the regional police office. He was promoted on 1 April 2011 to an Accounting Clerk to Department of Economic Development and Tourism. His responsibilities included processing of Cash Receipts, Subsistence and Travel Allowances, Payments and Journals.

During December 2012, he transferred to the Provincial Treasury in the Supporting and Interlinked Financial Systems component. He was responsible for the administrative functions of the training component. He was then promoted to an Assistant Director on 1 July 2015 where he provided support, assistance and guidance to provincial departments and public entities in respect of the eProcurement Solution and related supplier databases.

His commitment to address the challenges experienced by our clients has contributed to the success of the Provincial Treasury with the roll-out and implementation of the Western Cape Supplier Evidence Bank. He has an energetic and contagious personality which contributes positively to the overall morale of the unit. Thank you Ismail for just being you.


Janine Jaftha

Janine started her career in the public sector in 2009, working at the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning as a Risk Manager in the Risk Management unit. In May 2010 she was appointed as a financial analyst in the Directorate Financial Governance within Provincial Treasury.

Her core function amongst others is the research, commentary and development in terms of the financial legislative and policy frameworks. Janine is known for her commitment to deliver work at a high standard, her commitment to adding value to her clients and her excellent organisational skills and creativity.

Janine has been part of the Financial Governance Team Building committee for the past two years, who has delivered on excellent team building engagements albeit no funding.  I look forward to her continued positive contribution to the Provincial Treasury.


Letitia Sallies

Letitia Sallies or “Lettie” as she is fondly called within Programme 3, began her career in PT in 2008, as an intern, within the then Moveable Asset Management Directorate. As from 1 April 2009 she was appointed as a Procurement and Provisioning Analyst in the Directorate Local Government SCM. She was then promoted to the post of Deputy Director within the same unit with effect from 11 September 2018. Lettie is a prime example of the Treasury “growing its own timber” who has matured over the years not only in respect of her career, but in her experience and in her relationships with municipalities who are her core clientele.

Lettie, affirms that she is career driven and is continuously learning from her experiences and exposures. Understanding her own work environment and that of her client’s as well as her client’s needs is what makes her succeed in what she does. She prides herself in maintaining the highest level of integrity within the procurement environment always and to never compromise on her values. Letitia is the heart beat of her unit and her management team takes this opportunity in thanking her for her loyal and dedicated service.


Loyiso Faniso

Loyiso Faniso started working at the Department of Health at the Cape Medical Depot on 1 November 2006 as Provisioning Administrative Clerk on contract. On 1 December 2017, he was appointed by the Department of Health at the Financial Accounting unit of Head Office as an Accounting Clerk. On 1 April 2008 he resigned and was appointed as a trainee financial manager on the SUCCOP project (National DoH funded by European Union). Loyiso was re-appointed on contract by the Department of Health in the SCM Unit responsible for Bids and Tenders t as an Administrative officer on 1 May 2009 and on 1 September 2010, appointed as an Administrative Officer by the Department of Health in Internal Control where he was promoted to Senior Administrative Officer on 1 November 2012. On 1 June 2014, he was appointed as an Accounting Practitioner by PG Accounting & Compliance in Provincial Treasury.

Through hard work and perseverance, Loyiso has improved the knowledge and understanding of his field of work in Provincial Government Accounting and Compliance, obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Accounting in 2017 and registered as a member of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants SA.  Currently, he is registered with the University of KZN for a Masters in Accounting, taking him to a next level.

Loyiso has proven to be an expert on accounting and reporting standards and has developed a meticulous sense of attention to detail underpinned by his accounting knowledge. He is respected in the accounting arena and by colleagues in Provincial Government Accounting and Compliance.


Pauline Love-Fortuin

Pauline started at the Provincial Treasury in 2009 as a Procurement Analyst in Local Government Supply Chain Management unit, where she provided support, assistance and guidance to municipalities in respect of supply chain management. She later moved to Provincial Government SCM unit as a Procurement Specialist with her current areas of work being Governance and Monitoring and Evaluation in respect of supply chain management for provincial departments.

Pauline is a dedicated worker who strives to do her best when executing her deliverables. She is responsive to the needs of our clients and goes the extra mile to assist them.  She is known for her vibrant personality and healthy way of living. Thank you, Pauline, for being a sterling worker, an incumbent we can depend on to assist in meeting the ever increasing needs of the unit. We appreciate and value your contribution towards our success.


Rushaan Cassiem

Rushaan started her career as an intern at the Provincial Parliament.  Thereafter she was appointed Started Chief Risk Analyst, later her title changed to ASD: Internal Control.  On 1 October 2014 she was appointed as Deputy Director Internal Control.

Rushaan is cool, calm and collected, but her presence is felt in Provincial Treasury.  She ensures that internal controls measures are adhered to, all risks are managed and that all irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure and loss cases are investigated.

Thank you Rushaan for your perseverance and integrity. Thanks for doing a good job despite sometimes being the not so popular person within PT.  We need people like you to keep us on the right track.


Wendy Hans

Wendy started in Provincial Treasury as an intern and was appointed as a financial analyst in the Directorate Financial Governance within Provincial Treasury. Her core function amongst others is the research and development in terms of capacity building initiatives and good governance initiatives.

Wendy is known for her commitment to deliver work at a high standard, her vibrant personality and her focus on contributing to the FG directorate and adding value to her clients.  Wendy is committed to continuous development and improvement and I look forward to her continued positive contribution to Provincial Treasury.



IMG_5277Nichole Brinkhuis

Nikki started her career in government at the Provincial Treasury on 28 June 1999. For 18 of the 20 years she was the Personal Assistant to Mr Gildenhuys, the former CFO.  This is just one example of her loyalty.

Nikki is an excellent Personal Assistant. If you want something done, give it to Nikki and she will make it happen immediately. No task is too big or small for Nikki. Nikki is the same every day; always happy and smiling.

All bosses would be cool and calm if they had an efficient Personal Assistant like Nikki.



IMG_5280Robyn Thompson

The English lady. Born in Natal and grew up in Pinelands and has 3 brothers. Happily married to Cuan for the last 32 years and has a son named Ryan.

She immediately joined the data pool team after school in 1982 and has been a loyal worker for the past 30 years rendering service to the department and all role-players. Her favourite music is John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever. Her favourite word which she likes to use is “Hy is ‘n stuk” meaning he is very hot. Robyn is a stalwart of the team who is always willing to help others and go the proverbial extra mile.

No matter how pressurised the environment, Robyn will always get up and assist a fellow team member with a difficult task.

She has the patience of Job, having to explain the spelling of a word more than once.  She has eagle eyes, to pick up typo’s, spelling errors, and non-sensical figures which everyone else had overlooked in the heat of the moment. She also never minds working after hours when the workload becomes heavy.

Luckily for the team, Robyn has a wicked sense of humour, which always keeps our morale on an even keel. Robyn is a keen and loyal South African sport supporter, making sure that the whole office is kept abreast of the latest score of any SA games.

Few people are actually aware that back in the day Robin was a proud WP Swimmer “an accomplishment we together with her are very proud of”.

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