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The Chronicles of Corruption: Then, now and how?

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All Western Cape Government officials. The session covers new training content for 2019. Those who have attended fraud awareness sessions before are also welcome to attend this one. (new  change)

“The past can teach us, nurture us but it cannot sustain us.  The essence of life is change, and we must move ever forward, or the soul will wither and die” – S Kearsley


As we encounter massive amounts of reported corruption in our society today, we take a closer look at the history of corruption.  How did it all begin and why are people open to committing this offence.  We unpack the lessons we have learnt from history and the changes we need to make to mitigate this risk of corruption in the public sector.


Learning Programme Modules and Outcomes:

These modules will provide participants with knowledge and understanding of two issues that face public servants on a regular basis, the issue of corruption and conflict of interest.  A deep and in-depth discussion on corruption will allow participants to expand their understanding of corruption and how we can mitigate it.  Participants will also learn to identify potential conflict of interest situations and the legislation that governs conflict of interest in the public sector.

Module 1:  The chronicles of corruption, Then, now and how?

Participants will be guided on unpacking the history of how corruption began (the then), the state of which we are faced with today (the now).  We will look at what we can learn from a reflection on this old age act, and the changes that we can make to mitigate this risk of corruption that poses a major threat to the well-being of all (the how).  We will cover the following discussion points:

  • A closer look at the history of corruption and how it all began
  • Unpack the lessons that we have learnt
  • Understand the impact that corruption has on every individual
  • Unpack how we can mitigate this risk of corruption in the public sector

Module 2:  Conflict of Interest in the Public Sector

As a public servant we are required to conduct ourselves in a manner that is in line with the various legislation, regulations and codes that are prescribed for this purpose.  These frameworks have been enacted to ensure that a public official has the highest standard of integrity and refrain from behaviour that can constitute a conflict of interest in their workplace.  We unpack the following issues during this module:

  • Understanding the definition of conflict of interest as it applies to a public official
  • Identifying the types of potential and actual conflict of interest situations in our workplace
  • Understanding the legislative framework that govern conflict of interest
  • Understanding the effect of conflict of interest
  • Unpacking examples of conflict of interest in the workplace


  • Facilitation by means of interactive discussions
  • Case Studies
  • Role-play
  • Class activities, individually or in groups


  • None


  • 1 day


  • After completing this learning programme, learners will be presented with a certificate of attendance.

Training schedule:


  • 10 February – 14 February


  • For training facilitated at Kromme Rhee the contact person is Lynette Galant @ 021 865 8031.
  • All training courses will be a 1 full day session from 8:30am to 15:30
  • All nominations for employees must be communicated through CRUs or HRD co-ordinators.

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