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Cancer awareness

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PT Staff dressed in pink to show their moral support for cancer survivors, people fighting the disease and to honour those who lost their battle with cancer. Early detection and the right medical care, treatment can be successful. There are many cancer survivors that continue to inspire those around them.

After the success of the cancer awareness campaign initiated by PT Staff in 2017, the event was hosted again in 2018 and 2019 to not only create awareness for breast cancer, but all kinds of cancer. Besides creating awareness, the aim was to also raise funds to assist cancer patients. PT staff went above and beyond to collect money by selling a variety of cakes and cupcakes.

Local Government Finance Group 1 and 2 pulled out all the stops by donating and preparing all the foods and treats that were on sale. Although the event was only promoted to PT staff, there were other departments and visitors who showed their support.

In total, LGF made a profit of R5600 in less than 2 hours of selling food and cakes.It was agreed that the funds will go towards Red Cross hospital who has a newly established oncology unit treating kids.

We would like to thank all staff that participated in this initiative by living our value of caring. Thank you for donating, utilizing your own time and resources to make this event a success.


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