Come let’s talk – Ons Praat – Masithethe


TREASURY CONNECT is a communication platform for PT officials, by PT officials. It is a place to get involved and engaged on Treasury’s culture change journey. It encourages information sharing, open communication, transparency, continuous development, networking and mentoring. Come let’s talk – Ons Praat – Masithethe.

Here are the categories:


Have you or a colleague won an award or just released an important report or completed a work related outreach programme? Recently shared a birthday, graduated, got married, had a child? Let us celebrate together.

Innovation hub – share your ideas

Get the creative juices flowing – share ideas on how to improve on systems, make the office environment more conducive to work, save resources, etc. ANY ideas that you wish to share or ask other’s opinion on.


What is happening in Treasury… share the latest news relating to Treasury.

On my mind

Too lazy to pick a category? Or you just don’t know which category to post you article under? Just play it safe and post here – the “uncategorised” section of our blog.


Want to give recognition to a colleague? Well, share their amazing service here.


Life is not all about work.  This section is the “relax” section – its a general “fun” page. Events are also covered here – share your unit’s internal events or “selfie Friday” pictures,

Values and leadership

Sharing leadership ideas and articles relating to our values.

WIT – Women In Treasury

All your gender equality topics are covered here. Share ideas on how to promote gender equality in the work place. We also value the input form male colleagues.

Work, life – where is the balance?

Share your ideas or articles that you have found online that relates to work life, private life and people in general. Tips how to deal with stress, found a quick fix in Excel….. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Let’s learn from each other

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