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Be WoW! this winter and stay healthy

WoW 2To live a healthy lifestyle, you need to make smart choices about the food you eat, how you prepare your food, the time you eat and when you are physically active, how you manage stress and your sexual behavior. It is all about behavioral choices and includes the bad habits we learn such as smoking, using drugs and abusing alcohol. Unhealthy lifestyle choices increase the risk of developing common chronic conditions which negatively affect the quality of your life. This includes conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, gout, cancers and mental health problems. These conditions pose a serious problem to South Africa and affects both adults and children. Healthy Lifestyle Actions are required by all of us! Continue reading

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We Kuier with Theolla

Theolla picIt is not every day that you read a column and recognise the name of the writer. That is exactly what happened a few weeks ago when we paged through Kuier Magazine. Kuier is a bi-weekly magazine aimed at Afrikaans-speaking women and strives to give them practical, realistic advice about everyday things such as finance, careers, relationships, parenting and health. The items on our fashion, beauty, decor and food pages are affordable and relevant to our audience. Continue reading

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Spreading her wings

Doc2 (002)Ruzelle Julie started working for government in 1996 and worked through the ranks before joining the Provincial Treasury in October 2008. 

She began her journey with PT as the Head of Office in the Office of the HOD where she led, guided and coached a team of passionate and capable public servants to provide services with regards to communication, executive meeting support, secretariat support, language services, parliamentary liaison, executive briefings, monitoring and reporting, administration, oversight, meeting preparatory management as well as electronic and print correspondence. Continue reading

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WOW! Do you want to be WoW!?

What is Wow! (Western Cape on Wellness)!? WoW! is a Healthy Lifestyles partnership initiative of the Western Cape Government and its valued partners. WoW! aims to enable people to make Healthy Lifestyle choices throughout their lives.

It also helps families to change their lifestyles, for example a family can reduce time of watching television with children by putting time aside for fun walk for 30 – 45 minutes a day, choosing the type of food we eat and to live a healthy lifestyle.

Provincial Treasury is one of the departments participating in this initiative. We launched our PT club in 2015. We have staff members joined as PT WOW Club members.

If you want to join and participate in WOW! Activities, kindly send your name to or We will use this blog to share our activities.

If you have any ideas / inputs as to how to improve our Wow club, you are welcome to share with us on this blog. Better Together!