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BETTER WORLD: Let’s participate in local and global networks that contribute to our expert knowledge and skills development

As part of the Provincial Innovation Management Forum, I joined Apolitical which I saw as an opportunity not only to draw from world-wide experiences but to share my own workplace experience and expertise.

On 25 April, after I joined the global network, I was invited to participate in a global discussion on Performance-Based Budgeting (PBB) with leading experts and policymakers from around the world which was hosted in London. This topic was of interest to me mainly because of the kind of work I do within WC Provincial Treasury, specifically in the Local Government environment. Continue reading

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BETTER WORLD: Innovation Management within Western Cape Government

Innovation has a long history and evolution in the existence human kind with academics tracing it back to the thirteenth century. Back then, according to Benoît Godin, the word ‘novation’ first appeared in law with a meaning of a renewal obligation by changing a contract for a new debtor. Benoît Godin traces the first theory of innovation to a French sociologist Gabriel Trade in the late nineteenth century. It is understood that an author by the name of H.G. Barnett developed a comprehensive theory of innovation and defined it as any thought, behavior, or thing that is new because it is qualitatively different from existing forms (Barnett, 1963). According to him, everyone is an innovator. Enough about history. Continue reading


BETTER WORLD: A true cost of 1 A4 print-out to sustainability

We often talk about sustainability and in most times narrowing it to financial sustainability. Thanks to Provincial Treasury (PT) which, through the bursary scheme, gave me an opportunity to be exposed to a “Sustainable Enterprise” module which was delivered by University of Stellenbosch Business School through a material by J Elkington and J Zeitz titled “The Breakthrough challenge” and is premised on a concept of triple bottom line. Continue reading