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Sacrifices made to give gifts to others

Article: Micheline Fortuin

After noticing a large number of kids not attending school due to them being ridiculed for not having necessities such as school shoes, stationery, etc, the Local Government Accounting team at the Provincial Treasury, understanding the importance of education and school attendance, made a not-so-difficult decision. Continue reading

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Being proud of your heritage

In celebration of  Heritage Day, the Chief Directorate: Asset Management decided to host a social event to get their team members not only excited about the Public Holiday but also to create an opportunity for the team to network and engage on a personal level.

Each team member could choose a culture he or she wished to portray – this involved dressing up in clothing and preparing food that is unique and representative of the culture. Continue reading


67 minutes for Mandela

On Mandela Day Treasury participated in three projects to give back to the community.

Cleaning a beach

A group of 21 staff members cleaned the beach from the Lagoon Beach Hotel to Woodbridge island. This beach was recently featured in the media due to the amount of rubbish that is clearly visible on the beach, making it an easy project selection. Continue reading

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39 was so last year

This year our HOD, Zakariya Hoosain celebrated his 40th birthday. But his team was not sure what to buy him to celebrate this milestone.

His PA, Lesley-Anne Smith, came up with a fun and creative gift suggestion that got the entire team excited. During the next few days, his birthday gift was carefully planned and all items sourced to put the final touches (humour included) together.

So what was the gift?

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